SEA is an Australian automotive technology company, which has developed three 100% electric vehicle drivetrain models (under its SEA-Drive™ banner).  Each model utilises the same proprietary technology, however is scaled to provide the most efficient and cost effective drive for the size of donor vehicle platform that it will adopt.  Those donor vehicle categories are:

  1. 5m to 7m Van and Minibus
  2. 9t to 13t GVM truck cab/chassis
  3. 14t to 25t GVM truck cab/chassis

SEA’s vision is that every commercial vehicle in the world, that travels less than 200km per day (and has a minimum 4 hour dwell time per 24 hour period) has a zero emission – 100% electric drive in the future.  This transposes to most of the 350 million commercial vehicles in operation across the globe.  Furthermore, SEA intends to lead the establishment and growth of this new sector for the Australian economy, and expects to see Australia become recognised as a leader in electric vehicle technology.

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