The SEA EV10 is designed to be the world’s first economically viable, 100% electric 9t to 12t medium duty truck. With unparalleled performance delivered through SEA’s unique, all-electric powertrain (known as SEA-Drive™ 120), the EV10 delivers class leading comfort, range, emissions and TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).



Length: 6810mm
Width: 2038mm
Height: 2385mm
Wheelbase: 3860mm
Front overhang: 1150mm
Rear overhang: 1800mm
Maximum Body Length: 5500mm
Turning Diameter: 14200mm

The EV10

  • Powered by SEA-DriveTM 120
  • Range: Up to 180km
  • Top Speed: 100 km/h (speed limited)
  • Operating Temperature Range: -20°C to +45°C
  • Gradeability: 27%
  • Controller: Centralised for optimisation of entire system
  • 0-50 km/h in 6 seconds

100% Electric Drivetrain

  • Type: Permanent Magnet Motor
  • Continuous Power: 150kW
  • Maximum Power: 200kW
  • Maximum Torque: 2300Nm
  • Efficiency: 94% peak system efficiency


  • 120kWh battery capacity
  • Life Cycle: 10+ Years
  • Cell Type: Lithium-Ion (LiNoMnCoO2) – Known as NMC
  • Battery System Mass: Approx 600kg
  • Balancing: Passive Cell
  • Energy Density: 354 Wh/L
  • Certified To: ECE Reg 100 REV 02


  • Standard charging is provided through an IEC 62196 Mode 3 charging unit, with 22kW maximum charging in under 6 hours. The DC to DC converter is 4kW with 24v power supply.

Cooling System

  • Variable speed IP67 pumps and variable speed to increase power usage efficiency.


  • Type: Forward Tilt with modern, ergonomic design
  • Seating: ISRI air suspended drivers seat + 2 passengers
  • Standard: Day cab with AM/FM radio and USB
  • Optional: GPS, electric windows and electric mirrors

 Axle and Suspension

  • Front: I-Section Beam (forged steel) with double-elliptical leaf springs and double acting shock absorbers
  • Rear: Full Floating – Single Reduction with semi-elliptical leaf springs and auxillary springs
  • Rear Axle Ratio: 4.33:1


  • Type: Recirculating ball with power assist
  • Gear Ratio: 17.76:1

Tyres and Wheels

  • Wheel: 17.5 x 6.75
  • Tyres: 235/75R x 17.5 – tubeless radial

Braking System

  • Service: Full air – dual circuit with ABS
  • Park/Emergency System: Spring brakes/rear booster
  • System: Regenerative braking

Electrical System

  • Type: 24v negative earth
  • System Batteries: 2 x 12 Volt 100 Ah – maintenance free

HVAC – Air Conditioning and Heating

  • Scroll permanent magnet motor – 6.5kW
  • High pressure relief valve
  • HVDC powered
  • Isolation > 10 M ohm
  • CAN communication to increase power usage efficiency
  • PTC fluid heater – 5 kW
  • HVDC powered
  • Overheat protection

Telematics SEA-Connect™

  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • Real time clock
  • Internal antenna
  • Accelerometer
  • Based on TDDR principal, with 1 and 2 standard, and 3 and 4 future optional extras
    (T)ruck = vehicle diagnostics and operational optimisation
    (D)river = driver and vehicle interaction optimisation
    (D)elivery = interface the ‘Smart Truck’ with payload deliveries and freight receiver communication
    (R)oute = route data collection for route planning and real time route optimisation


  • Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM): from 9,000kg to 11,500kg
  • Gross Combination Mass (GCM): up to 17,000kg
  • Front Axle design weight: from 3,000kg to 4,500kg
  • Rear Axle design weight: from 6,000kg to 8,000kg
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