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Technical Support & Roadside Assistance is available 24/7/365.

Call the toll free number 1800 728 426 or SEA’s Corporate Head Office number +61 3 9706 8489.

If you are hearing impaired, contact us via

For non-urgent matters relating to Technical Support, please contact us via

Emails are processed within a 24-hour period.

Our support team is in-house for the Australian and New Zealand markets. We will quickly assess the situation and can assist with common questions and troubleshooting issues.

Our Technical Support team is available to support general operation questions you may have about your vehicle along with basic troubleshooting of issues.

SEA Roadside Assistance is a service intended to minimize inconvenience when your SEA vehicle is inoperable. This service is available during the first 36 months or 80,000, for vehicles covered by the New or Pre-Owned Vehicle Limited Warranty at the time of the occurrence. Roadside Assistance will also be provided under the Battery and Drive Unit Limited Warranty for any issues related to either of those two components; excluding collision coverage. For vehicle malfunctions due to warrantable issues, transportation services for the first 100 km is covered by SEA; is limited to one tow per incident; and does not cover transportation due to issues not covered by the warranty.

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