SEA Electric is a global leader in commercial vehicle e-Mobility, with its proprietary all-electric SEA-Drive® power-system technology adaptable to the world's transport fleet. Founded in 2012, SEA Electric launched its first model in 2017 and has since released numerous truck, bus and light commercial vehicle applications worldwide. These deployments have included medium and heavy-duty commercial electric vehicles, including delivery trucks, garbage trucks, tipper trucks, tilt tray trucks, reefer trucks, cherry picker trucks, school buses, shuttle buses, cargo vans, plus passenger cars, utilities and vans

SEA Electric’s proprietary SEA-Drive® power-system is adaptable to most OEM glider chassis platforms from Class 3 to Class 8 (3.5t to 29t). Our pioneering leadership in the space has been recognized by top OEMs, with companies such as Mack Trucks and Hino partnering with SEA Electric, with the partnerships seeing the SEA-Drive® power-system adopted as the drive train of choice in various models.

SEA Electric’s deployments have been proven in the field, with telematics data backing up SEA-Drive®’s world-class total cost of ownership credentials.

In the coming five years, SEA Electric predicts that its zero-emissions commercial vehicles will eliminate over 3 billion pounds of CO2 emissions from the transport task. SEA Electric’s global sales, after-sales and engineering are represented in all local markets.