100% Electric Trucks Now Available

SEA Electric is the premier global partner for powering commercial electric vehicles and logistics. Our vision is to eliminate approximately 2.5 billion lbs. of CO2 emissions over the next five years worldwide.

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    About Our SEA-Drive® Power Systems

    SEA’s compatibility is unmatched in the EV market, with 7 SEA-Drive® options compatible with dozens of OEMs and hundreds of platforms globally. The simplicity of design and the standardization of sub-systems ensures optimal cost, mass, reliability, and duty-cycle performance across many OEM glider platforms.

    Adaptable to a wide range of applications

    EV Dump / Tipper Truck

    EV Reefer Truck

    EV Delivery Truck

    EV Tilt / Tray Truck

    EV Cherry Picker / Boom Truck

    EV Garbage Truck

    Additional Applications

    SEA Electric is constantly expanding the industries we serve, and we are poised to adapt virtually any commercial OEM vehicle platform to any application.

    Benefits of converting to a 100% electric vehicle

    Cost effective electric power-system

    Lower maintenance and operating costs


    Exceptional acceleration and performance

    No fumes, noise, heat, or vibrations