SEA Electric has various means by which we can provide our SEA-Drive® technology to the commercial vehicle market.  This includes, however is not limited to, our own branded and assembled vehicles, the electrification of third party supplied commercial glider vehicles and the licensing of our technology to global partners.


  • The world’s most cost-effective and proven 100% electric power-system for the commercial vehicle market.
  • In-built flexibility of our system architecture allows for regular hardware and software upgrades, hence future-proofing your purchasing decision.
  • The on-board charger enables charging via a standard 3 phase, 32 amp, 5 pin power point (available in most markets) affectively offering the largest charging network in the world. In the US we supply a HCS-80, 64 Amp Level 2 EVSE, 240V, with 25ft cable.
  • Mid-mounted battery packs, emulate the weight distribution and balance of the original engine/transmission locations, whilst eliminating side-impact risks.
  • With product ranging from 3.5t (7,500 lbs) GVM to 29t (64,000 lbs) GVM, SEA-Drive® is achieving up to 200 miles (320 km).


SEA Electric partners with companies around the world to offer 100% electric power system solutions through commercial licensing arrangements