SEA Electric power-systems are adaptable to a wide range of commercial trucks, cargo vans, shuttle buses, and more. SEA Electric will evaluate the platform of your choice for a SEA-Drive® retrofit or new build.

SEA Hino EV Models

SEA Electric power-systems are adaptable to Hino light medium-duty trucks including M- and L-series in the USA, 300- and 500-series in the Oceania region, 195/M5, 917, FE, FG, FM, GH, L7, plus additional retrofit options.

SV6 EV Step Van

Introducing the SV6 EV step van, shaping the future of last-mile deliveries as the lightest, most cost-effective and best-performing solution available.

SEA EV School Buses

SEA Electric is at the forefront of the drive to repower existing North American school buses with zero emissions technology.

SEA 300-85 EV

The SEA 300-85 is rated to 8.5-tonnes and specified with a 138kWh battery and 1,500Nm motor, which lends itself to a variety of final applications.

SEA 500 EV

The SEA 500 medium-duty EV truck range is either 4x2 or 6.2 axle configurations with a maximum body length of 9,240m and a GVM range between 15 and 22.5 tonnes.

SEA 300-45 EV

A highlight of the SEA Electric model line-up is the SEA 300-45 EV model, with its 4,500kg GVM capable of being driven on a car licence.