SEA 45e Powered by SEA-Drive® 70

The SEA 45e has a big payload and range potential and can be driven with a car licence. This pocket rocket has a GVM of up to 4,500 kg is powered by the SEA-Drive® 70.

The model's intelligent design sees batteries and its power-system optimally positioned away from the steer axle, allowing for improved weight distribution and outstanding driving dynamics.

The patented SEA-Drive® 70 power-system as fitted to the truck features maximum power and torque ratings of 134kW and 700Nm, with its performance characteristics making it ideal for stop-start city traffic.

Packaged with an 88kWh battery, the SEA 45e has an unladen range of up to 300km with a fast-charging time of under two hours (normal charging time is approximately four hours), while early adopters of the model have been able to utilise range-extending top-ups while back at base reloading.

Notably, the truck's tare weight comes in at only 2.5-tonnes, which results in an allowance of 2 tonnes for its body and freight, an attractive proposition in the EV space.

The design of the SEA 45e EV allows for a maximum body length of 4,820mm, while all ancillary functions can be converted to pure-electric power, including refrigeration units.

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