SEA 85e Powered by SEA-Drive® 100 or the SEA-Drive® 120

The SEA 85e is the dependable workhorse of the SEA Electric range, which has found favour in a vast array of applications. With a GVM of 6,500kg to 8,500kg this versatile electric truck is available in a variety of wheelbase, payload and body length configurations, all with a 4x2 axle.

The SEA 85e is powered by the SEA-Drive® 100, with a 100kWh battery driving and a 1,000Nm motor; or the SEA-Drive® 120 with a 138kWh battery driving and a 1,500Nm motor. When combined with the patented SEA-Drive® technology, these batteries produce a class-leading unladen range of up to 300km.

The SEA 85e lends itself to a variety of final applications including dry freight, temperature-controlled freight, as an elevated working platform or a tipper in a range of trims.

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