Yes, switching to SEA-Drive® technology will cost more upfront, however on average the technology will payback it's premium over 2-4 years.

Currently new front engine cab/chassis rigid trucks and delivery vans.

The customer will work with us to specify the glider platform to be supplied without engine, transmission, exhaust system etc. From there our technology is installed and the vehicle is delivered from our closest assembly facility within 4-6 months of order.

The onboard charger requires access to a 3 Phase, 32 Amp, 5 pin plug for most markets and a supplied HCS-80, 64 Amp Level 2 EVSE, 240V, with 25 ft cable. In the USA charging is provided through Type 1, Level 2, Single Phase (208/240 VAC) up to 19.2kW.

Depending on which SEA-Drive® model, charging can take anywhere between 4-8 hours

Depending on the size of the vehicle and its duty cycle, the range can be as much as 350km (220 miles), however is more typically 300km (185 miles).

Our SEA-Drive® models do not require any servicing.  There is a 2 hour, 6 monthly inspection required for connections and plumbing condition.  Brake lining life is also increased with the introduction of regenerative braking.

SEA-Drive® provides both active and passive stage regeneration.  The first stage is engaged by turning the electric motor into a generator when coasting without any pedals depressed, hence slowing the truck AND charging the battery.  The second stage is engaged during the initial depression stage of braking, whereby additional negative torque is applied to the motor.  The traditional brakes are only utilised when stepping through this brake pedal depression to pull the vehicle up in full.

Yes, we have toll free aftersales support numbers in every market in which we operate

Whether it’s a refrigeration unit or hydraulic system for a tilt tray or rubbish truck, SEA Electric supports the body suppliers in providing 100% electric power to operate these ancillaries.

SEA Electric commits to providing mobile technical support in every location where vehicles are deployed.  Those same mobile technicians not only provide direct technical support, but also provide training to both drivers and local fleet technicians.

Cell type:  Lithium-Ion NMC, Nickel Manganese Cobalt (LiNiMnCoO2)

Our batteries are designed for 3,500 charge cycles, which based on a full overnight charge, 5 days per week, may result in 10 years useful life.

On average a 5% tare mass premium is created.  We expect this to reduce in the near future as battery density improves and battery dimensions can subsequently be reduced.

Our warranty model is to emulate that of the donor chassis that is electrified, with the exception of batteries that are provided with a 5 year warranty

The SEA-Drive® system is of modular design and is ‘live’ in concept, whereby regular upgrading of both hardware and software is possible.  As most components are IP67 compliant and designed for a long operating life, a simple battery replacement within 10 years will allow a second service life for the vehicle.  Subsequently, we expect resale values for electric commercial vehicles to be greater than their diesel counterparts.

Our battery supplier has requested the ability to trade in the batteries and return them to their country of origin, so they can be re-deployed in large scale storage farms.  This subsequent reuse will ensure an effective use of the battery for many years to come.